App Store Optimization for Beginners

If you’re familiar with the concept of search engine optimization (SEO) then you can easily understand what app store optimization is. In a gist, this optimization technique is used to increase the visibility of an app on the App Store or PlayStore. With the app market expanding each day and adding to the 5 million already existing apps, it is very possible that a number of apps are similar. This is also why we use ASO, to get a particular app to stand out from a sea of many similar apps. This can help it get more downloads and expand over time. The best app promotion sites and companies can get an app to rank on the market which in turns increases the discoverability of the app, attracting more users.

Best app promotion sites

According to app store optimization, the following is a list of things that play a huge role that bring better app discoverability and visibility:

  • Title: one of the main features of any app, the title is one of the first things any viewer sees when they search for an app. The best way to come up with a title for your app is by coming up with a name that closely relates to the main functions of the app. Another tactic commonly suggested by some of the best app promotion sites is to include your app’s main keywords in the title.
  • Description: another important feature, the description gives viewers an idea of what the app can do. It explains the functionality of the app, the many features it comes with and also mentions other specific details regarding data usage and other working conditions. Using a mix of great communication, good language and keywords can optimize any app’s description.
  • Visuals: a key feature of any app, the visuals play an important role in the decision making of viewers. Visuals include the app’s icon, screenshot, and video. If an app’s title, icon, and description are properly optimized, it can bring a good amount of traffic to the app page. Here, viewers get to see a sneak peek of what the app looks like through the screenshots and the video. If they are attractive and compelling enough, the app has landed another user! Its best to keep visuals minimalistic and simple, complicated logos and cramped up screenshots can displease viewers easily.
  • Reviews: no matter how well your title, description, and visuals are optimized, reviews play a critical role while trying to gain more downloads. This is because many people heavily rely on reviews and ratings of other peoples’ experiences to give them the full truth about the app. Good reviews can help an app to index better and influence others to download it, whereas a poorly rated and reviewed app can put the app on the bottom of the charts on the market.
  • Downloads: getting a good number of downloads from time to time can be very beneficial to an app. Why? This shows that the app is trustworthy, of good quality and in the best working condition, compared to all other apps. As and when the downloads keep increasing, the app starts to rank better, too.
  • Keywords: last but not least, is keywords! You can find a number of keywords that best describe your app using many tools or searching for them on your own. This is also a very sought after service provided by many of the best app promotion sites. Associating more keywords to an app can make it more discoverable when people use those words to describe the app that they are searching for.


As someone who’s seen what ASO can do to any app on the market, I would say that these mobile-friendly optimization techniques can really turn in good numbers for your app. ASO is a chain of benefits. Increasing growth leads to more downloads that further lead to better visibility!

Knowing that there are 5 million and counting apps on the market should give you enough reason to implement ASO for all your apps. This could be the best way for all app developers and businesses to get past all the competition and give their apps a chance to shine.