BBC First Click Friends

The BBC reaches 97{a5b7970aed6bc6c43cc2e7d6e3c429d137483f4158e62a10a211b4ee5d30f265} of the UK population every week and its First Click campaign, launched last autumn to inspire over 55′s who have never been online to give it a go, has already helped over 100,000 people go online for the first time!

Speaking at the national Go ON ND11 conference in May, Director General Mark Thompson, re-affirmed the BBC’s commitment to helping the whole of the UK benefit from being online, saying, “I don’t believe there will be a more important part of the BBC’s learning mission over the coming years than full-blooded support for the campaign to get the whole of Britain online”.  Continuing, he said that, “giving people the tools, skills, and above all, the inspiration to enter this new world is an incredibly important goal for the country and one which the BBC should get fully behind.”

Mark’s speech, in front of over 1,000 digital champions, marked the launch of a new arm of the First Click campaign, First Click Friends, which is mobilising and supporting digital champions or “Friends”, across the UK, to help a relative, neighbour or friend to get online.

First Click Friends is already proving to be a success and the BBC has committed to continuing its support for the digital champions’ network.  In October, it will play a leading role in helping to recruit hundreds of thousands of digital champions as part of the Give an Hour campaign, while also endeavouring to reach and convince the 9 million off-liners in the UK to give it a go and get more out of life online. Find out more about Go ON Give an Hour and see what you could do.

Take a look at the First Click Friends website, which is stuffed with info on how to find beginner’s courses, choosing the right computer, and videos on ‘how to get a friend started’. It’s also supported by a host of celebs including Bill Oddie, Jennie Bond, Julia Bradbury and Linda Robson, whose inspirational videos show how they use the internet to pursue interests and hobbies to enhance their lives.

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  • Read Mark’s Go ON ND11 speech in full here and watch the BBC First Click Friends film here