Buy android app installs online following 7 ways

Buy android app installs online following 7 ways

Who buy App Installs?

This is very normal question and obviously you want to know that who buys app installs. It depends on app’s need and strategies. If one app is already very famous and has secured large installs, then buying installs for that app is almost wastage here but buying installs would be helpful for those apps which are not very famous and have not adequate installs even to convince its potential users to download.

In between millions of apps, it is not simple for an app developer to gather huge audience because your app have to face cut throat competition in between much similar apps, to survive in the app market and reap benefits also. So how to make a difference, what tactics should be applied to enhance the visibility of app. how to grow ranking, reviews as well as ratings? How to become customer’s first choice or at least competitive enough to give tough competition to its alternate apps.

To earn profit, be in competition, earn higher ranking and surviving long, it is necessary to enhance the value of app by stuffing your app with most amazing features and acquiring or collecting excessive downloads. Downloads are the root of everything related to app’s growth.

Downloads or Installs are supreme

  • Downloads or installs are two different terms but are used as synonym, actually download means any app which is downloaded in the device but installs means the downloaded app is installed in the phone and are used by its users.
  • No. of downloads are eye-catching it is published by app store in the app page that how many people have downloaded your app
  • Downloads and installs brings reviews and ratings. However, some people don’t bother themselves with reviews and ratings while others like to share their experience with more people.
  • Installs are soul of rankings; retention rate plays also important for keyword optimisation.

Why buying installs-

1. The increase of downloads may improve your app ranking on the app stores, but the rate of uninstalls will decrease your app rankings.

2. Buying installs not only increases no. of installs but simultaneously increases no. of 4-5, positive ratings and reviews it means it enhances overall visibility.

3. Much More installs in a very short time and energy saving and maximizes return on investment. Installs brings positive changes only if you buy it from trustworthy company.


  • Buy android app installs

Buy mobile app installs from daily users. Buying android installs is a marketing activity; it advertises your app to different dimensions or different people at every corner also. So many different users at different place download the app and install in their device use it and if they liked they keep it for long and suggest to other people too. later or sooner it brings organic installs. So buying installs is never a question, it is fact to boost your app and bring out the best outcomes.

Most of people think that paying for something which they can get without spending money but purchasing app installs are also necessary for those who have tried every kind of plan but nothing worked. You can buy installs for Iphone and android. Buying installs assure you with positive reviews and ratings because daily reviews and ratings may go negative for you.

  • iOS app reviews

Reviews are matter of concern that suggests other users that your app is worth downloading. There are very companies out in the market which you can check to buy reviews and higher ratings. Reviews given by daily users are also beneficial and by paid users reviews are different from normal reviews it adds meaning to your app worthiness. They will give you unique, high valued app reviews. The main point is only buy reviews from only real companies those who really download the app and use it for once and after use they review your app.

today in app market basically at Google play store there is high competition and tension between app developers ,they every time think what to do or apply which strategy as to make them strong in comparison to its opponent. You can go far in race only when you achieve higher rankings. For which you need downloads, ratings, reviews and keyword optimisation with beautiful, magnificent, amazing and interesting app features.

Buying installs can be done by various companies. Paid android reviews are no different than real reviews.

  • Buy app installs

Buy android app installs and android app promotions. Genuine installs from real & totally active users with free country targeting.

  • Mobile request development

It is a very smart way to make money. You will be able to easily complete two or more customers in a day/week/month. It is best suitable for instagram. Iphone 3gs would be not for much considerable less than Instagram for android.

  • Regarding buying Android installs/app installs/ reviews or ratings

To boost your app ranking you can buy Android app installs, reviews and ratings. It’s not like doing fake but it’s for real. When you get enough downloads or reviews ratings it is obvious that you will lag behind in the competition always you have to keep in race and never lag behind, you have to achieve higher ratings and rankings and when you really rely on daily customers waiting for them to installs it would all be waste because daily customers downloads only that app which is enriched with downloads, higher ratings and reassuring reviews. You can Buy Ios installs; reviews to upgrade your app even you can do work on your ASO and keyword optimisation.

To create a significant change and make your app successful you should also pay some attention to these things below mentioned other than buying installs, reviews and ratings-

  • Social media marketing

It creates awareness .Social media marketing like face book, you can create awareness by creating page, continuously uploading pictures and always provide a feel free to ask and active conversations, adding more and more people will also indirectly contribute to your app promotion. You can upload short videos of 1minute where you in a very creative way describe the app.Reply to reviews

  • Improve your app’s quality

Improvement brings more opportunities; never cease the way to modifications or changes. Do all type of better changes which seem useful. Quality of an app or its features says all so try to bring always quality features and updates for making it better day by day.

  • Try to put good keywords

Keywords have got a big role to play for app rankings, try to give a good description you can use various sites for keywords installs. Keywords optimisation is necessary. Customer reach at app’s page through Keyword searches are very important.

  • App features

Give your app best features with all your skills and knowledge , always try to get connected to your customer and always remind them to ask if they have any issue, give them assurance and solve their problems as soon as possible. As it create strong bond between customer & app developer.

  • Reply to reviews

You should always try reply to customer’s questions. It feels them connected with you somehow,, don’t ever ignore criticism it makes your app better day by day because all reviews talk about your app where people gave precious minutes to make your app better than previously it was. Try to bring updates with more quality features which results in more convenience.