Home Group Ltd


The UK’s largest provider of affordable housing and care and support services, Home Group, considers helping its residents to benefit from being online to be a key part of its role in helping its customers and clients open doors to new opportunities and healthy lives. As a result, it held 5 internet training sessions across the North East.

  • Dress code: Posh frocks and tuxedos
  • Location: at the end of a red carpet

At each session, 15-20 people came along and 98{a5b7970aed6bc6c43cc2e7d6e3c429d137483f4158e62a10a211b4ee5d30f265} of attendees said they were looking forward to getting back on to the internet as soon as possible.  According to one of the organisers, “the ‘fear’ of IT was well and truly broke, with most of the guys amazed at how easy it actually was!”  The show is now heading South and we can’t wait to hear about its progress.

On its homepage, Home Group is also showing its commitment to Race Online 2012 and utilising Go ON messaging.  It has also provided the number to help online residents become a digital champion and help friends and family get the most out of being online, sign-posting how to find a low cost, local internet courses and low cost hardware deals. It’s also displaying the digital champion web banners. Could you do the same?  Download all the digital champion recruitment assets here.

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