Mecca Bingo

dopting the adage ‘trusted faces in trusted places’, Mecca Bingo is bringing the net to the people, having appointed digital champions in every one of its 100 bingo clubs across the UK.


Each champ is issued with a laptop to make it easier to encourage buy in and to demonstrate the benefits of the net on a one to one basis and in certain clubs (such as Dagenham and Blackpool), Mecca is even working with UK online centres to provide training courses for beginners.  As Dagenham digital champion Julie exclaimed at the very first training session, “it’s fantastic to be able to come to Mecca and show people how to use the Internet in a place they feel relaxed in. Having a friendly champion who can encourage people to come along really does help.”  UKoc and Mecca will also be working together, to support the Go ON Give an Hour campaign in October.


Showing that age is the very best time to go online, Mecca’s oldest internet beginner is client Meg, 105; Meg, a regular at the Drumchapel branch, has been taking full advantage of the digital champions helping her to keep in touch with her sons in Canada, to study her family tree and to view clips on YouTube.  She says that the net is great for “looking back and at the past and for places I used to go on holiday.  It brings back lovely memories”.


For her 105th birthday, Mecca gave Meg her very own laptop so that she can continue to access the internet and all the advantages it offers from the comfort of her home. Meg, who was recently mentioned in an article in The Telegraph, was also celebrated in the July edition of Mecca’s employee magazine Wow!, which goes out to all employees.


Mecca poster

Mecca has also adopted items from our digital champion toolkit to inspire beginners.  Appointment cards and posters emblazoned with the Mecca Bingo logo and are now inviting beginners to get more out of life online.




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