Three Mobile

Three Mobile is taking the net to the people in its mobile broadband bus, helping people get more out of life online through its Community Connection Project, and working with other Race Online 2012 partners to provide low cost PC/ broadband solutions.

The UK’s first mobile broadband provider, Three worked with Microsoft in December 2010 to deliver the ‘Gifting the Web’ for Christmas campaign. Backed by extensive marketing, ‘Gifting the Web’ provided great low-cost hardware and an affordable broadband solution. It was followed in May by another low cost PC/ broadband offer as part of Get Online @ Home.

As well as offering targeted discounts for digital champions, for the past year, Three’s Community Network Project has provided free mobile broadband connections, to give socially and economically excluded people the chance to get online. So far, over 20 projects including Devon and Birmingham Libraries, DofE West Berkshire and London youth Support Trust, have received over 200 connections and it doesn’t end there! Three is in talks to provide connections in social housing, further home library services and other projects that specifically serve socially and economically excluded individuals.


Three is also working with UK online centres, bringing together Three’s extensive 3G mobile broadband network and UK online centres’ knowledge and experience. They’re supporting hard to reach communities, travelling around the UK on the Three Mobile Broadband bus. Three is also supporting UKoc community capacity builder projects, giving away mobile internet access to help get communities online.

In a bid to address inaccessibility as a barrier to going online, Three has also reviewed how it can make its products and services more accessible to those who are older or with disabilities. It’s looking to work with charities including the RNIB to improve customer retail experience (both in store and online), for those with accessibility issues.

In October, 1,950 retail colleagues in Three stores up and down the UK will be supporting Go ON, Give an Hour, to help their local communities get online. Retail staff will also be trained and briefed, enabling them to sign-post off-liners to their local UK online centre (or other local internet training) for further support.

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