Top 10 Best Evernote Alternatives

Everyone wants to keep their lives organized and modern-day apps make this easier. Among many note-taking apps, Evernote is one of the most widely used. It offers 3 types of accessibility; Free, Plus and Premium. The Free service allows basic operations like taking notes, searching for text inside images, synchronizing your notes across devices and much more. But there are limitations to it. The 60MB upload limit per month and inability to access notebooks online are to name a few. These features are available in premium. But is the price worth it? So today we look into

Best Evernote Alternatives.

Google Keep:

google keep

Google keep is a free organizing and scheduling app provided by Google Inc. It lets you create notes, memos, upload photographs and everything that practically everything Evernote has to offer. Going for shopping? Keep lets you even create customised lists and you can also save remainders so that next time you won’t forget your things to do. Everything that you create in your phone app is synced with your Google account and so it can be accessed anywhere and anytime.
Cost: Free
Storage: Unlimited (sync with google account)

Microsoft One Note:

microsoft one note

One Note is another free organizing app. It lets you capture your ideas and maintain all your to-do list in one place. This app is synced with your desktop Microsoft account, so managing things becomes pretty easier. It is free across all platforms and has free cloud sync. It offers fast searches and has the best comprehensive organizing methods available in the market.
Cost: Free
Storage: Unlimited

Simple note:

Simple note

A simple note is another of the most widely used note-making app. It offers a minimal design and it lets you take notes as simple as possible. It stores notes as plain document files in our smartphone and thus working offline is easy. This app is available on all platforms and provides great cloud sync. It lets you share your notes easily and faster. It has a unique feature, which lets the user go back to a previous version of a document without any hassles.
Cost: Free
Storage: Local Storage


work flowy

Workflowy provides a simple interface and lets you expand topics thus allowing you to create really effective hierarchy lists. Like Evernote, it too allows you to effortlessly take notes and sync the data with the cloud. It has availability on all platforms, which makes it easy to access the notes you create on your phone or desktop. It has a full-text search, which makes it a great Evernote alternative.
Cost: Free
Storage: Unlimited



Talking about UI, Quip is one of best organizing apps available. It provides rich text formatting options that let you keep things interesting and decluttered. It lets you access your files offline and so editing is a lot easier. Apart from availability across all platforms, it also has an excellent cloud sync, so you never lose your files, ever. A unique feature provided by this app is file sharing through URL.
Cost: Free
Storage: Local Storage



Looking for lightning fast accessibility. Then Dynalist is for you. It provides quick sync and adding, editing and arranging files is super fast. It lets you create simple notes and also empowers you to detail up your notes and that too without any hassles. Though it’s a subscription-based service, the free version lets you do almost everything that an organizing app has to offer.
Cost: Free, Premium
Storage: vary

Nimbus Notes:

nimbus notes

Nimbus notes can be easily looked as one of the best Evernote alternatives. It makes categorization of notes really easy. If you are thinking of migrating from Evernote to Nimbus, there is a tool that lets you do it easily. And the pros. You get multiple device support and a better UI.
Cost: Free
Storage: Unlimited


Turtyl is customized for security. In addition to making notes, you can save photos, files and even web bookmarks in it. The plus point: everything is organized structurally and the UI interface is clean and user-friendly. But there’s a catch. The app does not have a lost password feature. So if you seldom lose your credentials, you are at your own risk.
Cost: Free
Storage: Unlimited

Cherry tree:

The cherry tree is another great note taking an app and can be considered on par with One Note. It is open source, easy to use and has a good user interface. A cherry tree can be considered as one of best note making apps for Linux.


This is a comparatively newer app but is rapidly developing over time. People already are replacing Evernote with Bear, thanks to its great accessibility and simple design. It provides a sketching feature which lets you show off your creative side. Although, it also has a subscription-based model like EverNote, yet its elegance and ease easily put it above Evernote.
Cost: Free/Premium

Storage: Cloud-based