Top 10 Best PayPal Alternatives for Online Transactions

From online shopping to paying your EMI, online payments are becoming common in every domain. The ease with which things get done online is beyond everything. In today’s cashless era, PayPal is a street name. Every organization accepts PayPal and it can be remarked as the most used payment mode online. But let’s face it. The regular cases of account freezing and poor customer support are affecting the PayPal market. And what’s more irritating is the fact that you cannot use PayPal in some counties. Many contemporaries are slowly gaining market, taking advantage of the holes that PayPal is still carrying. In this blog, we will walk you through Top 10 Best PayPal Alternatives for Online Transaction. Cos it’s always best to have options right!

 Google Wallet:

google wallet

Google never refrains itself from any market opportunity and so here it is. A free payment facility provided to you by Google. Google Wallet lets you link your bank accounts and use it to pay all your bills online without any hassles. You can load all your debit cards and credit cards in a common wallet and you know it’s safe. It’s from Google after all. Although the usage is limited to the United States, for now, Google has announced plans to roll this to other countries too. Moreover, you can pay your friends and family online by sending money to their mail accounts or to their Google Wallet. It is simple, safe and easy to use. It might take a while to make it accessible to other countries but it’s only a matter of time before you start using it.



Everyone wants their e-commerce to be personalized. So why not your payment portal? WePay is one of the best online payment platforms used today.  This web service allows you to pay your bills without moving out of the website. If you are on an e-commerce platform and you need a payment portal, then we recommend that you try PayPal. It provides your transactions a professional touch and rests assured of its security. It is overall a well-customized payment portal and the one which should be the market dominator given everything it offers.



Stripe is another web service that you can replace for your PayPal account. As far as easy acceptance of payments is concerned, Stripe is the one service that you are looking for. What good is the acceptability throughout the globe? It accepts payments through VISA, American Express, MasterCard and few others to name. Not only it’s secure, it has a good customer service line up. So need not feel anxious while using the service. It has an integrated mobile service and it is simple to set up. That means no more complicated account linking procedures from today.



Dwolla is yet another payment service that can be alternated for PayPal. This service lets you pay money online, transfer money to other accounts and also accept payments online, much like what PayPal offers. However, there is a feature called Mass Pay which lets you pay multiple of transactions in an instance. Though Dwolla doesn’t have the acceptance magnitude as PayPal yet it is a superb service. There are lesser chances of identity theft as you pay money sent via mail id or phone numbers. The transaction charge is comparatively low and so it can be preferred over other payment services. The android and mac integration works effortlessly and so pay/receive money on the go without hassles.



2Checkout is truly a global payment service that is used by merchants all over the world. It can be called as a partial PayPal alternative as it only lets you transfer money between merchants and not between individuals. However, if you are a merchant, this payment service is all that you need. It accepts payment over many options, VISA, Mastercard, Paypal and much more. It has support in over 15 languages and so is user-friendly. The data is encrypted so rest assured. All your transactions are safe and secure.

Amazon Payments:

amazon payments

The largest e-shopping cart came into the payment services business and the result is a highly safe and user-friendly payment service called Amazon Payments. This service lets you send and accept money online. It provides different routes for payments and therefore there is something for everyone whether it be individual users or merchants. The whole process is simple and there is a good customer support in case you get in the middle of an important money transfer. Right now, it is available for US residents only but with growing Amazon market, you are likely to get in your country very soon.



Skrill is a payment service meant for users who want a simplified and secure online payment experience. This globally accepted service lets you transfer money between users by connecting their mail id. The transaction charges are comparatively low and there are a wide variety of payment options that you get. It allows instant withdrawal for bank accounts, which is a plus point. It even lets you withdraw money from your debit card, credit card, and bank accounts. There’s something else. If you use the SWIFT feature of Skrill, you can transfer money through bank accounts without any fee. Amazing isn’t?



Payoneer is a common name among freelancers and this is for the reason that Payoneer is one of the most convenient services presents. It has global acceptance and is used by various organizations throughout the world. This is an excellent PayPal alternate when it comes to international payments. The service is yet to start in few countries, but given the number of users; it is most likely that this will replace PayPal soon.



Today, many people want to start their business and want it to become a revolution. To initiate a revolution, you need a payment service that is meant for you and when it comes to small business, Intuit is the answer. It lets you pay your employees and even calculate and pay taxes online. It lets you transfer money online and also between different Intuit users. The payment feature is what sets Intuit apart from other payment services. The point that it is user-friendly and widely used, makes Intuit an app that you can use everyday and everywhere. For entrepreneurs who are aiming high, trust us and give it a try.



Though not a worldwide name, ProPay promises to be an excellent PayPal alternative. Much like PayPal, this service lets you transfer money between users and merchants. The android and mac integration is good and the overall experience is worth trying. There is even a feature called ProPay JAK, which lets you use your debit and credit cards from your phone. Payments simplify now. This service is accepted by eBay and hence is a must have if you are into shopping.