Top 10 Best Video Calling Apps On Android

Distance really does become a big deal when you know that your loved ones are going to be away for quite a while. In this 21st century, that we call the ‘Digital Age’, the cavemen that we previously were, have come a long way, from being Homo Sapiens to Humans; becoming sophisticated beings, forward enough to build the kind of technology that would obliterate space and time. Beginning with the invention of the wheel to the Bulb, to the Telephone, to the recent Smart Gadgets, Man has, in essence, made magic. Well, not really. We are just resourceful beings. Another one of such immaculate inventions would be the Video Calling App. You may be thousands of miles apart, but you can still see your friends and family on your digital screen. Sure, it does not replicate reality, but it does bring you as virtually close as it can under the circumstances. Quite a boon, in most people’s opinions.

There are so many developers, launching a number of apps on various platforms, Android being one of them. It has become a trending fashion in the virtual arena to include video calling facilities in an app initially meant for chatting or voice calling purposes. When you get to associate the face of a person to the voice you are listening to, the whole experience becomes more enriching, does it not? In the past many years, we have seen the dawn of a new beginning, in the video calling platform. Social media networks have pushed through their initial purposes, widening their horizons, to include other cool facilities in their apps, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Video call option, being the prime example.

Let us look at other 10 great Video Calling apps available on the Android platform:

Best Video Calling Apps



Skype has been around for a long time and has proved to be an exclusive video call app with chat messaging as the side serving dish. It is hugely popular in many countries and is used worldwide for video calling and conferencing. Skype is free for installing and has in-app purchases. It remains free as long as you stick to just skype to skype internet calls but requires a subscription if you want to call landlines or mobile phones. Needless to say, Skype is one of the most known and used mainstream video calling apps on both formal and informal online platforms.

2.Google Hangouts


google hangouts


Google Hangouts is the present day product of many such previous experiments by Google (Google Plus, Google Talk etc.). It allows video calling facilities without much lag with a relatively good clarity and minimal pixelation. Much like other video calling apps, Hangouts also enables video conferencing with up to about ten members at the same time. Various professional institutes conduct interviews and tutorials via this medium and hence it serves as an ideal option in the overflowing list of video calling apps. In essence, Google hangouts would be a great choice to keep installed on your Android device. Most people comment that it is the Android equivalent of Apple’s FaceTime.



The line was launched in Japan and is the most popular voice, messaging and video calling software there, and in certain parts of Asia. It has to sync via address books and you can also add friends through QR Codes, Line Id and by shaking corresponding phones together. Quite a cool app with a lot of features other than voice or video calling. It also has quite a good quality while video calling, so you can definitely consider it becoming one of your favorites.

4.We chat

we chat

It is popularly called China’s ‘App for Everything’ due to its multi-faceted nature of working. It is much in ‘line’ with Line (Now, there’s a pun for you!) and other video calling apps and works like them too with a few added quirks of being able to use it on Android Wear also. You can definitely consider We Chat on your list of ‘to install’ apps.



Viber is much like Skype in the sense that it allows free voice and video calls to devices that already have Viber installed in them. To call other Landlines and Mobile phones, you will need to buy Viber Out credits that will enable you to place calls without the use of the internet. It is sometimes opined that Viber video calls get pixelated but it still is used by a lot of people, slightly negating this opinion. Though Viber is, even then, comparatively receding from the virtual market, it still is an option that pops up when you search for a good video calling app.


jus talk

Much like other video calling platforms, JusTalk also provides great video calling facilities with the addition of certain fun options. It allows the user to doodle while on a video call and also put in stickers during the call making it an entertaining app. It has certain call filters, much like the themed filters in the Photo Cam app, B612. In short, it is a very charming video call app that is still in trend.



IMO is relatively very good in terms of video quality if you have a stable internet connection. Even if u do not, it still provides a relatively good image clarity while video calling. It also has real-time messaging and voice call facilities. It also enables you to record voice messages and send them. If you do not want to type or do a real-time video call. It has all other usual benefits starting from stickers to read receipts.



Tango is a free app, made popular due to its video calling feature. It works well on all 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi Networks. It is also optimized for voice calls, text messages, sharing photos and playing games. Hence, tango makes an all-rounder app, besides the excellent video calling services it has to offer. A good choice for those who like to multi-task whilst using such apps.


9.Google duo

google duo

It is a very simple video calling app, but not at all inferior to the other apps mentioned in this list. Another one of Google’s initiatives, you will find this app pre-installed in most new Android smartphones and tablets. It requires the person you want to call, to have the app installed on their device too, for it to work. It cannot make calls without an internet connection but has both video and voice call facilities. Its video quality is not bad and it is an ‘easy to use’ app. One of the highlighting features of this app is that the call receiver gets to see the caller in real time, even before he or she picks up the call. The ideology behind such an innovation is that the user should feel like the call is more of an invitation rather than a disturbance.

10.Kakao Talk

kakao talk

It provides free calls, both video and audio, whereby users can share almost anything, be it photos, videos, voice messages, URL links, location as well as contact information. Also It available on 3G, LTE, and Wi-Fi networks. It has become a platform for distribution of third-party apps and games which users can play with their friends. Also It has a feature named ‘Plus Friend’, with which, users can follow brands and celebrities and purchase actual goods through a gifting platform. It was first launched in South Korea.

So, the above ten Apps, though not placed in any particular order, are equally great avenues to invest in and install as they are mostly free; and if not, they are still very much affordable.

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            That being said, in this modern day set up where everyone is in a constant race to run with time and progress, it is family, friends and other loved ones that always serve as a supporting pillar to most of us. Hence such innovations in technology that allow us to bring ourselves closer to people living very far away from impact people in very different but huge ways. It not only supersedes distance but also ensures that education, emotional comfort, and innovation is not too far out of anyone’s reach.