10 Best Astrology Apps Online 2023 for Accurate Horoscopes Today Prediction


There are times when our strategic thinking takes a back seat and looks for celestial guidance and approval for all the decisions and queries that bog our minds. At such times, we are piqued to turn to astrology and predictions to equip ourselves, plan better, and look ahead with hope. 

Fortunately, in the booming digital era, the accessibility to astrology apps has been made easier. These apps are a perfect amalgamation of accuracy and availability, offering a plethora of services from different types of astrology, Kundli, and horoscope matching to connecting easily with well-known astrologers and helping you in better decision-making. In the pages to come, we will discuss in detail the most sought-after astrology apps in the market and their unique features, thereby helping you to choose the best one.


App Name Rating Installs App Url Highlight
Astrology Zone Horoscopes 4.6⭐ 500K+ Playstore link ✅Get accurate daily and monthly horoscopes, written by experienced astrologers.
✅Uncover the secrets of your compatibility with detailed reports.
✅Read inspiring essays and gain valuable insights into the world of astrology.
✅Award-winning app that has been featured in major publications.
AstroSage Kundli : Astrology 4.4⭐ 10M+ Playstore link ✅Generate a detailed Kundali with just a few clicks. Get an in-depth analysis of your birth chart and its effects on your life.
✅Powerful Horoscope Matching algorithm to find the perfect partner for you.
✅Comprehensive Hindu Calendar (Panchang) to help you plan for auspicious days and times.
– Talk to Astrologer
3.8⭐ 10 M+ Playstore link ✅Unlock the secrets of your future with a free introductory chat/call session with an astrologer.
✅Rely on the wisdom of Vedic astrology, Hindu astrology, Tarot card readings and Numerology to get insight into your life.
✅Get detailed predictions about relationships, career, finances and more from experienced astrologers.
Astroyogi: Online Astrology 4.3⭐ 1M+ Playstore link ✅Get instant access to the best astrologers in India with Astroyogi.
✅Get personalized advice and insights from experienced astrologers and psychic readers
✅Enjoy a free 5 minutes consultation anytime, anywhere.
✅Explore different types of astrology like Tarot, Numerology and KP Astrology.
Bodhi: Astrology, Yes/No Tarot 4.0⭐ 100K+ Playstore link ✅Get personalised insights on your life and make the right decisions with the help of India’s top 1% Astrologers.
✅Get a FREE horoscope and FREE Vedic report to understand your life better.
✅User friendly one-page app layout for an effortless experience. Fully mobile compatible so you can access it anytime, anywhere!
ranga Astrology Horoscope
4.2⭐ 50T+ Playstore link ✅Get personalized, one-on-one astrology advice from experienced professionals at the comfort of your ow
✅Astrologers will provide you with accurate and insightful readings based on your natal chart or numerology chart.
✅Gain a deep understanding of yourself and get valuable advice on how to make the most of your life with Chaturanga Astrology.
Co-Star Person
alized Astrology
4.6⭐ 5M+ Playstore link ✅Unlock the secrets of the universe with Co–Star, the astrology app that uses NASA data to give you an in-depth look into your relationships.
✅Get personalized daily horoscopes and push notifications tailored to your astrological sign.
✅Compare natal charts with friends and family to see how compatible you are.
✅Featured in top publications like The New York Times, Vogue, Vanity Fair, and more. Get trusted advice from the experts!
Daily Horoscope 4.6⭐ 10M+ Playstore link ✅Get your daily horoscope with the top rated Daily Horoscope app. With over 10 million users, you can trust that you’re getting the most accurate and up-to-date information.
✅Get zodiac sign compatibility horoscopes and Chinese yearly horoscopes.
✅Easily access your daily horoscope with the easy launch widget. Plus, scroll back up to a week (or more with a subscription) to get past readings.
– Live
Astro, Horoscope
4.2⭐ 5M+ Playstore link ✅Guruji Astro is the ultimate astrology & kundli app that provides you with accurate predictions and solutions to all your life problems.
✅Know your fortune and have a better future with Guruji Astro!
✅Get in touch with our verified astrosage face to face for the most satisfying service.
✅Get daily horoscope, astrology by date of birth, kundli matching and zodiac signs for a better understanding of your future.
Kundli – Astrology
4.2⭐ 1M+ Playstore link ✅Get personalized daily horoscope predictions and insights into your future with Kundli by Vedic Rishi.
✅Available in Hindi, English and Telugu language, so you can get the best advice in your native language.
✅Get accurate kundli creation, dosha analysis, astrological remedies, match-making analysis, numerology, varshphal and more.

Astrology Zone horoscope app

  • The astrology zone app is an award-winning app that offers accurate monthly and daily horoscopes to help you plan the new year, month, or daily well. In addition, the app provides a free and premium subscription version with various features to suit your requirements. 
  • In the free app’s version, you will get short daily horoscopes for all twelve signs, along with Susan’s famous detailed monthly horoscope for twelve signs. The app provides easy-to-use menus and navigation options that make it easier for you to use it on your mobile browser. The app’s short daily horoscopes give you precise predictions of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. In this version, you can also access Susan’s monthly horoscope for the current or last month.
  • You can begin by using the free version of the app. Once satisfied with the services provided, you can upgrade any time to the premium version, which will give you considerably more inclusive daily horoscopes that most users prefer, along with Susan’s monthly horoscopes for all 12 signs.
  • In the app’s premium version, the Sunday horoscope will give an insight into the week ahead to help you plan your week productively. As in the free version, the premium version also gives you today, yesterday, and tomorrow’s daily horoscope in addition to last month’s monthly forecast.
  • The premium version lets you access and gain from many of Susan’s essays on various topics, such as noting the year’s eclipses, the meaning of Mercury retrograde, compatibility reports, and many more. 
  • To answer your curiosity regarding the existence of a 13th sign, you can refer to Susan’s essay on the same topic that throws light on why it is essential to know and understand your traditional birth sign.
  • The critical dates in the premium version will help you find the best date to start an initiation. And in the app’s ‘Learn astrology’ section, you can learn a lot about the planets, the elements, and the qualities, and a description of your most attractive characteristics. 
  • To subscribe to the app’s premium version, you need to pay just $4.99 for one month, $12.99 for three months, and $49.99 for an entire year. In addition, you can avail of a 15% discount if you opt for the three-month and yearly subscriptions over the monthly subscription. Once the subscription ends, you will be notified by the app store. However, remember to plan and choose your subscription because Apple and Astrology Zone do not permit refunds for partly used subscriptions.

AstroSage Kundli: Astrology app

  • AstroSage is a well-known Kundli Software that can generate your Kundali (also called a birth chart, natal chart, or Vedic horoscope) that you can easily convert to pdf and download or print. In addition, the app provides apt horoscope matching, Rashifal, Hindu Calendar (Panchang), and many more for absolutely FREE. AstroSage is one of the unique apps to have included several aspects of Indian, Vedic and Hindu astrology for your easy reference and planning.
  • You can talk to the app’s prominent astrologers and get different predictions on your life, Mangal Dosh / Kuja Dosham, Shani Sade Sati, Debts, Planetary positions, Kaal Sarp Dosha, Lal Kitab Remedies, etc. Vedic astrology includes traditional aspects for your monthly, annual, or daily predictions.
  • Know about your moon signs horoscope, KP System (Krishnamurti Paddhati), which will tell about the ruling planets, nakshatra nadi coordinates, KP Ayanamsa, sub-positions and significant factors. The different Kundli charts provided are dharmi teva, andha teva, ratandh teva, and much more.
  • The app will provide other important details like the 16 divisional charts, which are the Shodashvarga, the stellar details, Cuspal Interlinks (Sub & Sub-Sub), Vimshottari Dasha, or Udu Dasha upto five levels, Yogini Dasha, Ashtakvarga and Prastarashtakvarga, Bhava Chalit chart, western aspects and more.
  • You can also access the Panchang (Hindu calendar), which will include the Muhurat, Hora, Rahu Kaal, Choghadiya, festival dates, Do Ghati Muhurat, and the daily Panchang.
  • The app is the right place to get matching done for horoscopes and Kundali (Ashtakoota Guna Milap or 36 Points Match). In addition, you will get the horoscope and calendar for the current year, daily and monthly rashifal.
  • Anybody can learn the aspects and significance of astrology using the app’s text and video tutorials and lessons. With the exclusive GPS, getting the city’s latitude and longitude, Prashna Kundli, and Time Charts is very easy. Learn about Jaimini astrology (that will tell the Char dasha, Karakamsha & Swamsha) and Tajik Varshfal (which is the solar return with Muntha)
  • Be it North and South Indian-style, the horoscope charts can be viewed using the app in several languages like English, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati. You can store any number of horoscopes that can be viewed anytime, anywhere, and have an Automatic DST correction. You can choose from Lahiri (Chitrapaksha), Raman, KP, and Sayan ayanamsa.
  • With the help of AstroSage Cloud you can open the charts saved on mobile can be opened from AstroSage.com and vice versa. Double-tap on the chart to get the planet’s degrees (in case you are using tablets will be shown inside the chart). When you tap on a house in a north Indian chart, you can see a new chart with that house as an ascendant.
  • The app’s interface is user-friendly, with simple options to flip screens, export charts, email charts, or send them using Bluetooth. The saved chart can also be printed later. Use the app’s moon sign and sun sign calculator, love compatibility calculator, and more to know your luck. 
  • The design and layout of this astrology software are designed to provide advanced mobility and accurate calculations. For instance, you can instantly know your ruling planet and cast a Horary horoscope while on the move. In addition, you do not have to carry a panchang, table of houses, ascendants, horary numbers, or Ephemeris to get your reading done.

Astro Talk: Talk to astrologer app

  • The AstroTalk app lets you ask, talk and learn from their renowned astrologers. Then, based on what you ask the astrologers, you will be provided with the most accurate astrological predictions and remedies if required.
  • The app does not use any software or bot-operated predictions. Still, it provides services with the support of more than 1600 renowned astrologers from across the country who can provide instant and accurate solutions for deterrents related to marriage, career, love, relationship, health, and wealth. 
  • For accurate and detailed predictions about your future, the app provides Vedic, Hindu, KP, Naadi, or Lal Kitab astrology, tarot card reading, numerology, Prashana Chart, Palmistry, Vastu, Psychic and Face Reading, Drik Panchang, Janampatri, and more services.
  • AstroTalk is the top-rated astrology app that provides free Kundli, matchmaking services (Kundli Milan), horoscopes (daily, hourly, or yearly), live sessions with famous astrologers, call astrologers to talk and clarify instantly, and shop for remedies from AstroMall.
  • Connecting with a well-known astrologer is simple; you just have to recharge your wallet to start a call, chat with the astrologer of your choice, ask questions, or request remedies. The live sessions are also of great value addition that isIndia’s top Vedic astrologers conduct at a low price.
  • You can seek clarity and predictions on varied topics like;
  • Career (whether stuck at crossroads, delayed promotion, or job change).
  • Struggling in a relationship (lost love or troubled relations).
  • Marriage (Manglik issue, marriage getting delayed, divorce or disturbed married life).
  • Education (confused about future studies and choosing the right stream, anxious to face exams or low scores).
  • Newborn name selection (excited or confused in picking the right baby name, auspicious time and day for the naming ceremony, choosing a name according to the star and luck).
  • Trading (confused about the fluctuating market, when and how much to invest, doubtful about risks and returns).
  • Matchmaking (confused about credibility and compatibility of the profiles or choosing the right partner according to kundli).

Astroyogi: Online astrology app

  • The Astroyogi app is one of the popular astrology apps on the Google Play Store that offers online live astrology consultation for free for the first 5 minutes. You can connect with more than 2000 of India’s prominent astrologers, Psychic, Nadi Astrologer, Prashna Kundli Astrologer Tarot Readers, numerologists, KP Astrologer, and Vastu consultants anytime, anywhere.
  • Astroyogi is one of the trusted choices of astrology apps that has been providing services like horoscopes, astrology, and predictions for more than twenty years. Its three crore loyal users are a testimony to it. The app, with its free features and valuable content, is a knowledge hub for astrology enthusiasts. 
  • The app can personalize and provide free content according to the intent and preferences of its users. In addition, the app’s free Kundli section allows you to personalize your horoscope with free remedies for all your restraining problems.
  • The app’s other exciting feature is the free tarot card reading option which has the latest algorithm that accurately predicts the outcome of your selected digital card. Additionally, you can also access and read the informative and engaging blogs written by the app’s expert astrologers to help you plan well and in better decision-making.
  • The app’s free services include horoscopes for the new year, panchang, YOUniverse (personalized horoscope), and tarot card reading. In addition, you can benefit from the app’s exclusive services like getting an express pass to cut down the waiting time, booking appointments quickly with the top astrologers, and chatting, clarifying, and calling the astrologers instantly to get solutions.
  • The app is one of the most trusted online astrology platforms serving people for the past twenty years. So, do not miss out on the unique services of the Astroyogi App. Choose from a wide range of experts like astrologers, Vastu consultants, Nadi astrologers, numerologists, tarot card readers, Kundli and Vedic astrologers, KP astrology experts, and many others on the app.
  • Normally, the consultation charges are as low as ₹ 20 per minute in India and US$0.65/per minute for all other countries. You can call, chat and consult the astrologers instantly to get predictions about your career, education, marriage prospects, love, and finances. In addition, you can also rate and review the astrologers after the consultation on the app. The app offers to refund your money if you are unsatisfied with the app’s services.
  • Do not miss out on the app’s unlimited access to free horoscopes, astrology predictions, live shows, transit predictions, and the new free Kundli on your mobile using Astroyogi app. You can also consult famous International Astrologers and celebrity astrologers like Vishnu Shastri, Pt Manoj Kumar Dwivedi, Dr Deepak Joshi, and Dr Neha Pradeep Saini on Astroyogi,
  • The app assures user confidentiality by keeping them secure between you and the consultant astrologer. So whether it is a voice call or a chat on Astroyogi, your personal information will stay secure and protected.

Bodhi astrology app

  • Bodhi is one of the popular astrology apps in the play store that provides a call and chat with India’s top astrologers feature to help guide your decision-making. Additionally, the app also gives free horoscopes and personalized vedic remedies for free to all its users.
  • The app takes pride in having a high rating of 4.6* in bringing the best astrology services to your fingertips and is trusted by more than one lakh users. The various astrology preferences offered by the app are Vedic, KP, Nadi, and Prashna Kundli Astrology, yes or no tarot card reading, palmistry, Vastu consultation, etc., at your convenience any time through the day.
  • The Bodhi app gifts you Rs.51 at the time of signup for your first call with an astrologer and a coupon code 1FOR 4 to get 300% extra on the astrology and horoscope services. Additionally, the app keeps adding new offers regularly to ensure you can save money and chat with your astrologer.
  • Try the app’s free compatibility horoscope tools to find your perfect partner. Whether problems in your love life, delayed marriage, or unclear career prospects, discuss and understand the solutions from expert astrologers and tarot card readers. The app also ensures in providing a completely confidential and trustworthy experience. 
  • Get personalized daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes and luck meters based on your date of birth. Do not miss the daily free remedies from the app’s best astrologers to make each day the best. Bodhi is one of the top-rated apps in the world, with more than 300 well-known astrologers, horoscope and palmistry experts, numerologists, and yes or no tarot card reading experts.
  • In addition, you will get all the astrology services and solutions in the language of your choice. Explore the Love and Match, making astrology predictions from the top vedic astrologers and tarot readers. Sort all marriage-related delays and issues to arrive at a peaceful and best reconciliation. If you are anxious about your career or are stuck with an unfulfilling job, sort it out by getting your horoscope. 
  • Matrimony astrology and kundli matching are the most commonly used features on the app. Confused about finding the right match, compatibility mismatch, Manglik aspect affecting proposals or choosing between love or arranged marriage, the app’s card readers and astrologers will give you the right predictions. 
  • The app will answer all your queries and solve your issues with the expert guidance of more than 300 well-known astrologers, Psychic, Palmistry experts, Yes or No Tarot Readers, Prashna Kundli Astrologers, Nadi Astrologer, numerologists, Vastu Consultant and KP Astrologer at your fingertips and in your mother tongue.
  • The unique features which make Bodhi the best astrology app on the Play Store are the free personalized horoscope that gives you daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes based on Vedic astrology, along with the modern luck meter to help you plan better. The app has India’s premium Astrologers who are put through four levels of verification to select the best and the most professionally equipped astrologers to serve its users.
  • You can also reach out to your regional astrologers and choose from multiple languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, and Marathi, amongst other Indian languages. The app holds your details and discussions confidentially between you and your consultant astrologer. The app’s main motto is to maintain user satisfaction by providing private, trustworthy, and secure astrology-related services. 

Chaturanga astrology app

  • Chaturanga astrology app, with its professional vedic astrologers, offers astrology horoscope advice and future prediction through a direct, personal, and completely confidential chat based on your numerology or natal chart. 
  • So call, connect, and clarify your queries with the app’s expert astrologers on any topics like zodiac or sun signs, planetary positions, the impact of celestial objects, or an appropriate time and date to initiate something new.
  • The most commonly asked horoscope-related queries are astrology advice on personal relationships (love compatibility, current and future relationships with family, friends, and partners). 
  • Usually, astrologers will provide horoscopes and predictions based on your birth or natal chart. However, suppose you need an in-depth analysis of your horoscope regarding love life or marriage from the main menu. In that case, you can use the Love Compatibility Report from the main menu.
  • You will get astrological reading, personalized astrology advice, and a general overview of strengths, weaknesses, and other recommendations. Unlike the typical love compatibility match between zodiac signs, which is available for free on any astrology site, you will get a detailed personal reading about your relationship and a complete natal chart match.
  • You can also ask for astrological advice for the best place to live based on your horoscope reading and planetary movements. So, it is vital to understand the planet’s influence before moving to other countries or travelling elsewhere. 
  • Additionally, you can clarify your queries and drop your anxieties regarding career options, business, or finance-related guidance by talking with the app’s expert astrologers, who will provide the best-suited date and time and recommendations according to your horoscope.
  • In case of disapproving planetary transits, they will also provide helpful remedies to subdue the influence of planets. Use the app to get daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes, reading, and periodic predictions for your zodiac sign. 
  • However, in addition to the above-discussed main questions, users also look for answers to other simpler queries like the best-suited type of business, favourable zodiac sign partner, horoscope reading to know the status of your relationship with your family and partner, love compatibility with my partner and doubts about business-related deals.

Co-star personalized astrology

  • Co–Star astrology app can understand and decode the mystery of human relations through NASA data. The app has been featured in famous magazines like the New York Times, Vogue, Vanity Fair, and more and has earned great reviews too.
  • The app has a long list of appealing features, including reading personalized daily horoscopes, adding your friends to compare natal charts to check your compatibility, receiving daily notifications based on your horoscope for the day, and learning to read your entire birth chart.
  • In addition, the Co-star app has a list of premium features that allow viewing the complete natal chart of anybody who does not have the app and getting a detailed and personalized report on your luck in your love life. Eros is the app’s unique feature that offers insights into managing everyday relationship scenarios based on your zodiac sign’s compatibility.
  • Co–Star app bases astrology as a framework to understand ourselves and our relationships. The app uses NASA data to chart the exact location of the stars in real-time, which will then be interpreted by human astrologers who collaborate the data with AI technology to develop your birth chart and daily horoscopes.
  • The app has more than ten million users who depend on it for their daily horoscope prediction. In addition, you will also get weekly or monthly horoscopes and yearly Chinese, Druid, or zodiac horoscopes. 
  • The app uses easy to launch horoscope widget and the option to scroll back up to a week for better understanding. 
  • Use the app to check your Zodiac sign compatibility, change the app settings to get daily reminders for daily horoscopes, and personalize themes, colours, and font sizes. The app’s ‘favourites’ feature lets you save the daily horoscopes that you like; you just have to download and log in to the app to experience the personalized services.
  • The app covers Chinese horoscope signs like “Rat, Ox, Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Rabbit, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig” in addition to all the zodiac sign horoscope, which includes “Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces”. 
  • The app also offers extensive compatibility reports for two zodiac signs. The compatibility section will include love, friendship, business, and family aspects of every combination of zodiac signs. 

Guruji: live Astro horoscope app

  • Guruji Astro is one of the famous Astrology and Kundli App in India with a satisfying service related to varied aspects of astrology. You can easily book appointments with renowned and verified astrologers to discuss and clarify your queries. 
  • Moreover, the app provides a daily horoscope based on your date of birth, zodiac signs, and kundli matching for easier decision-making and a better future.
  • This perfect and accurate astrology and kundli app will provide solutions to all your problems and worries in life. First, get accurate predictions using your Kundli, Janamapatri, or birth chart. 
  • Then, connect, call, or meet the app’s expert astrologers through this amazing kundli software to get answers to all your deterrents in life. 
  • The app caters to all zodiac signs to better understand your fortune and luck in the future and has more than 300 verified and experienced astrologers for daily consultation. Using the Guruji Astro app, you can contact expert astrologers and ask about relationship, career, marriage, and family problems to get the most accurate answers. 
  • Learn about your future by engaging with the astrologers who will read your kundli chart and predict accurately using Vedic or Hindi astrology. Although the app lets you change your profile name and avatar, it strives to maintain the privacy and security of all its users. The astrologers are thoroughly verified, and customer service is available 24/7 if you need help with the app or booking appointments.
  • Benefit from the app’s online professional astrology service for daily, monthly, and weekly horoscopes. You will also get the kundli match result from here and explore options like astrology today, free astrology, horoscope today, and astrology horoscope on the Guruji App. 
  • The astrologers have expert knowledge of areas like astrology, kundli matching, palmistry, kundli making, tarot card reading, Vedic astrology, vastu shastra, effective remedies, nadi astrology, mobile and lal kitab numerology. 
  • Moreover, daily life astrology covers various categories related to career, and love horoscopes, Kundli compatibility, online horoscope, and zodiac and sun sign horoscopes based on your birth charts.

Concluding thoughts

It is normal for us to feel lost at times, especially when we try to find meaning and purpose in the things that happen to us. Astrology helps some people find meaning in chaos because it answers some of life’s unfathomable questions or at least makes us feel more in control. 

The horoscope is something that almost every one of us likes to check now and then, and the rest go about checking their horoscope, panchang, zodiac sign, kundli, and compatibility on a regular basis. 

Therefore, astrology and horoscope-making have also found their way into the digital platform making astrology and related services accessible to a wider audience by making them available in the form of astrology apps in the app stores. 

Astrology is an untapped market with an overabundance of services to offer. This fragmented market should be collaborated and adequately organized to tap its true potential. As per surveys, more than one lakh new astrologers enter the market yearly. Astrology apps offer a wide range of services that include:

  • Reading horoscopes.
  • Numerology, palmistry.
  • Tarot card reading.
  • Predicting stars and planets.
  • Selling semi-precious stones.
  • Vastu shastra.

To select the best astrology apps, you have to go through the top, trusted apps for their features, considering how each one might be interesting, functional, or fun to use. These apps differ in pros and cons, so they appeal differently to different user groups, depending on how they need or apply astrology in their daily lives. Most of the apps listed above are free, while some have a subscription option for premium features. But almost all of them help you connect and talk with renowned astrologers easily to help you plan and decide about your future in a better way. 

Getting all of the astrology services under one platform is a massive opportunity for astrologers and immensely beneficial for users. Therefore, it is no doubt that an online astrology app that provides all kinds of astrological services is a game-changer in the present day. Whether you are looking for your daily horoscope, relationship insights, birth chart analysis, or just more information about the stars, these apps can provide answers.