10 Best Mutual Funds Apps In India 2023 | Direct Investment SIP


Mutual funds are the safe spots to begin your investment journey as they are less risky, with abundant options, and give good returns too. So, if you have surplus money in hand, are dazed by the fluctuating stock market, and waiting to try your hands on investing, then think no further mutual funds is your answer because mutual funds investments are the best way to stay financially stable.

Mutual funds are a common investment option that allows you to take advantage of the potentially lucrative returns that the stock markets provide while also keeping you on the less risky side and streamlining the investment process.

Therefore, mutual funds are an ideal option for many who wish to access the equity market but with lower risk as compared to investing in direct equities. There are umpteen mutual fund options with varying features to suit your requirements, so to simplify the process and allow you to explore and manage several mutual fund plans, mutual fund apps were introduced. 

Benefits of mutual funds apps.

  • Mutual fund apps can bring the entire market to the palm of your hand. Below are a few of the critical benefits of a mutual fund app. In addition, the apps can be used by both android and iOs users as soon as your KYC verification is complete.
  • In addition to giving you less risky investment options, mutual fund apps can also help you track the market and link your bank account to begin your investment journey.
  • These are user-friendly and easy to use, even for a beginner investor. The app design, navigation through many schemes, and mutual fund performance comparison are all simple, allowing you to choose the one that fits you without getting confused.
  • These apps are accessible from anywhere and anytime, and most banks give you the option for online documentation and KYC verification, so your investment process is entirely paperless.
  • The information and the news in the mutual fund apps are research-ready and the latest, some of the mutual fund apps also give you daily news alerts, insights and research, and all scheme-related details to help you make an informed choice.
  • However, investing in any scale of money requires the right app. With so many apps available in the market, finding the perfect app to invest in mutual funds may be a hassle for you if you understand the features and benefits of the top mutual fund apps.
  • So, in the upcoming pages, let us learn about the most popular mutual fund apps in the market and their unique features.
App name Rating Downloads App URL Highlights
Axis Mutual Fund: SIP, ELSS MF 4.1⭐ 1M+ Playstore link ✅Invest in mutual funds with ease and speed. Get your investments done in just 5 minutes with the Axis Mutual Fund App.

✅No paperwork needed! Make SIP/Lumpsum or Switch investments with just a PAN Number.

✅Accessible anywhere, anytime. Invest from the comfort of your home or on the go

✅Get up to date information on NAVs, NAV history and more to make informed decisions.

Axis Mutual Fund: SIP, ELSS MF

App’s features

  • The app provides quick, simple, and paperless investments in mutual funds with just a PAN number. It is the best platform for new investors, first-time investors (KYC verified), and current investors of Axis Mutual Fund to plan and invest anywhere and anytime.
  • It is easy now to buy, redeem, switch, or start a SIP investment in Axis Mutual Funds Schemes and to track the latest NAV, NAV history, and other latest updates.
  • It is the right platform to invest in different mutual funds categories like Large Cap funds, Liquid funds, Small Cap funds, Tax Saving ELSS funds, Debt funds, Hybrid funds, Mid & Large Cap funds, and other special situation funds.
  • You can now invest in NFOs offered by Axis Mutual fund seamlessly. Moreover, the app does not need a re-registration because the existing online investors of Axis Mutual Fund can use their current website credentials to log in and manage their investments with Axis Mutual Fund through the app. Moreover, you can set an mPIN & biometric verification for secure and easy access.

App benefits

  • With the cart functionality, you can carry out multiple transactions simultaneously. The app also provides instant redemption for your liquid funds and access to profile information at the folio level.
  • You can track the latest NAV and Dividend History of Axis Mutual Fund plans, get a spontaneous portfolio holding view, and analyze your portfolio, schemes, and SIP returns.
  • Once your KYC is verified, you can open a new folio and start your investments, select from different funds like ELSS tax saving funds, debt funds, hybrid funds, and more.
  • The app, on request, will provide your account statement, Capital gain statement and STT letter. You can also download factsheets and leaflets for all the schemes to buy, redeem, switch or methodically invest easily.

 Cash Rich Mutual Fund App India.

App’s features

  • It is the only Mutual Fund App in India with a Dynamic SIP option for higher returns compared to standard SIPs. In 2020 when the share market fell, increasing the equity allocation from 10% to 70%, the dynamic SIP allowed users to invest at lower prices and protected the downside risk.
  • The app aims to provide the best investment-related service to its users who have invested crores of rupees by trusting the app.
  • After you install the app, the setup process is simple and free, and your lifetime investment account is ready. Then, with just one-touch chat support and a few clicks, start investing in the best mutual fund schemes and instantly withdraw your money.
  • Get scheme recommendations based on your profile and requirements and easily monitor the growth of all your investments. The dynamic SIP feature provides the best portfolio diversification and higher returns.
  • The app is integrated with a high-security feature called Yoti (facial recognition). So whether it is a one-time investment, tax saving scheme under section 80 C, SIP in short-term liquid fund schemes (with 3-4% more than a bank), or long-term wealth creation options, the CashRich app is the best place.

App’s benefits

  • CashRich will help you to find the best-suited investment options, execute the transactions, track the investments and withdraw money.
  • You can begin a SIP scheme of your choice or choose from the top-performing schemes from various categories such as short-term, long-term, tax-saving, balanced, International, Gold, Sector and more.
  • You can monitor the past performance of the schemes and calculate your money growth or use the SIP or mutual fund investment return calculator that is available in the app. You can also transfer your investment from one scheme to another within the same fund with the help of the ‘Switch’ feature.
  • To prioritize user security, the app has partnered with UK-based facial recognition company Yoti. You can enable this high-security feature by changing your settings.
  • In addition to Hindi as the support language, other languages will be added soon. To change your language preference, go to the app’s menu and then in the settings, you can choose between English and Hindi.
  • Use the Cash Rich App as your go-to tool to track and manage your mutual fund investments. Unlike other apps in the market, the Cash Rich app provides well-researched quality investment recommendations and personalization options.
  • The fund houses available in the app are Birla Sun Life MF, Axis Mutual Fund, DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund, Edelweiss Mutual Fund, Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund, HDFC Mutual Fund, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund, IDBI Mutual Fund, IDFC Mutual Fund, Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund, and many more.
  • Benefit from the unique Dynamic SIP option on the app to choose the best investment option that will yield the most.

Coin by Zerodha

App’s features

  • The app allows you to invest in commission-free direct mutual fund schemes in more than forty fund houses. With over two lakh investors who have invested over 4500 crores, the app provides a flexible platform for you to create, pause, and modify your SIP plans anytime, instantly and hassle-free.
  • Explore and find the best mutual fund schemes from different categories and simple navigation themes and scheme options. In addition, you can view and track detailed information on your scheme holdings and the weights of securities and sector-wise data.
  • Improve your knowledge of fund management by viewing the short videos featuring fund managers on fund house views to simplify your fund selection process.
  • Make instant payments through UPI to fund your purchase orders and use mandates to create automated fund transfers for your SIP instalments.
  • Invest in ELSS funds to take advantage of the tax saving option (under Section 80C). With the app, it takes a single click to file your taxes.
  • The app helps you with structured schemes from different categories to help you in the mutual fund investment journey. In addition, the app provides annualized (XIRR) and absolute returns on your investment.
  • Since mutual funds are in demat form, it is easier to pledge as a loan collateral against securities and as a margin for stock or derivatives trading.

Fisdom: stocks, Demat and IPOs

App’s features

  • The Fisdom app is a popular option for more effortless, smarter and better mutual fund investment options that are well-suited for a naïve and an experienced investor. You can manage your investment schemes with the app’s advanced features effectively and invest confidently.
  • The app’s stock investment options include NSE India, IPOs, NCDs, FPOs, BSE India listed Stocks, Futures & Options, Currency Futures & Options, Derivatives, ETFs, SGBs, Buybacks, shares, Nifty 50, ncdex commodities and many more.
  • Fisdome provides investment options at competitive prices, with the lowest brokerage, zero account opening and demat charges. You can invest any time, anywhere, by accessing markets by finding the best schemes on the app and opening your trading and demat account on the go.
  • The app provides the DigiLocker tool, powered KYC, for a complete digital, fast and secure to easily upgrade to trading and demat account in a few minutes.
  • Do not miss out on the robust tools built for traders and investors. Some of them are instant order margin calculators, market screeners, stock trackers, charting tools and indicators, multi-leg order entry, fundamental stock analysis, after-market and basket orders, price alerts, market event updates, the latest news and more to help you stay ahead.

App’s benefits

  • Get accurate and valuable updates on the dynamic market section, track multiple Indian and global benchmarks, get an in-depth market view, and access the complete order book.
  • Using the app’s intuitive UI, you can view positions and cumulative P&L status and better understand the portfolio with real-time profit & loss information.
  • You can also filter based on profitability and asset class, customize stock watchlists, use smart or text-to-speech search, get global market updates, and market pulse, benefit from the ETF tracker and many more features on this investment advisor app.
  • Fisdom is a full-stack wealth management app that offers a wide range of financial products for every type of investor. You can buy mutual funds, invest and trade in stocks and other market products, buy insurance plans or NPS, file your taxes, and grow your money in several ways using the app.
  • The app focuses on making your investments cost-effective and simple with minimum paperwork and zero hassles. Accessible to everyone, Fisdom provides data-driven money management solutions that can accelerate and diversify your wealth.
  • For the financial well-being of the app’s users, it provides recommendations using the portfolio tracker and stock screener. In addition, the app is registered with AMFI & SEBI and other major mutual fund companies to provide a simple and hassle-free investing experience.
  • You can be a novice or an expert investor; the app provides a straightforward and intuitive platform built with a digital KYC powered by DigiLocker. There are no hidden charges, transactions, or platform fees.
  • Stocks and other major investment products, including ETF, bank NIFTY etc., can be easily accessed. You can start, pause, or stop SIPs with a few clicks and also track and manage them more easily.
  • For a flexible and a disciplined investing experience with SIP or lump sum, Fisdom is the best place to begin. First, invest in tax-saving ELSS plans or try other short-term, hybrid debt fund schemes. Then, with a single tap, you can file your IT returns on the app.
  • The app supports different payment modes from all significant UPI apps and with SLL encryption for high security. Use the dashboard on the app to track your investments, annualized returns, and total returns. You can view the capital gain, portfolio statements, P & L, overall tax, transaction history, and more from the visually appealing dashboards.
  • You will also get a single view of your portfolio, purchase, switch, redeem, set up SIP and more. Benefits from other tools and features on the app like tax calculator, financial health check, risk analyzer, insurance advisory, and more.

Funds India: Mutual Funds and SIP

App’s features

  • Use the app to invest in the best mutual fund schemes, SIP, equity, and more in just a few clicks. The app provides hassle-free, paperless transactions with zero fees. In addition, the app’s financial experts can assist you in choosing the best mutual funds and stocks, debt, equity funds, and tax-saving mutual funds.
  • FundsIndia is one of India’s largest and most widely used free online investment platforms. Financial products offered on the app cover different categories like mutual funds, equities, fixed deposits, NPS and many more.
  • Get benefits from value-added services like flexible SIPs, trigger-based investing and access to Money Mitr, which is India’s all-inclusive automated assistance service.
  • The app makes your mutual fund investment journey pleasant by focusing on a hassle-free experience. In addition, regular app upgrades ensure that the app maintains the user-friendly factor that most investors expect.
  • For perfect portfolio building, financial planning and balancing your investment options, you will be provided with a dedicated, SEBI-registered and qualified mutual fund investment coach. With the support of the app’s in-house team, you will get the required assistance for all your financial needs.
  • Funds India is the best app to begin your stock market investments on both BSE and NSE. Whether you are a novice or an already exper investor, the app is a versatile platform for all your investment plans.
  • App’s benefits.
  • Whether for a bulk or a small sum, begin your SIP investments in top mutual fund schemes using the app. You can check on the SIP calculator to determine your financial goals or consult your in-app mutual funds’ investment coach.
  • Funds India is a one-stop shop for all your financial and investment requirements that can help you manage, monitor and track your investments using an accurate dashboard.
  • Invest, redeem, and switch your SIP & mutual fund investments online and track their growth at your convenience. You can also opt for instant alerts for tips, recommendations, and notifications for the latest mutual fund NAV and stocks.
  • Invest in ELSS mutual funds and save tax (save up to ₹46,800 TDS from your taxable income under Section 80C). In addition, ELSS funds, which have a lock-in time of three years, are more flexible and can give you better returns than FD and PPF.

App’s benefits

  • Use the app to invest at the right time in an NPS (National Pension System) scheme, which is an ideal pension plan for individuals retiring from private sector jobs. NPS can help you plan your retirement by providing a less risky investment option.
  • Investing in the derivatives market is easy using the app, which brings a plethora of investment choices and also for investors aiming to generate more wealth.
  • With one-way encrypted passwords and all communications (between you, mutual fund companies and other service providers) being 256-bit encrypted, the app provides high-level security and has top-tier data hosting service providers.
  • The top mutual fund plans available with the app are SBI Mutual Funds, Reliance Mutual Funds, Franklin Mutual Fund (Franklin Templeton), ICICI Mutual Funds, HDFC Mutual Funds, HSBC Mutual Funds, Bharti AXA Mutual Funds, Axis Mutual Funds, Aditya Birla Mutual Funds (Birla Sun Life), IDFC Mutual Funds, Kotak Mutual Funds, BNP Paribas Mutual Funds, Mahindra Mutual Funds, Tata Mutual Funds, and many more.

Groww: Stocks and Mutual Funds

App’s features

  • Groww is a popular investment app that has millions of users and is registered with AMFI & SEBI is the best platform for simple investment options in mutual funds, stocks, IPOs, and F & O. Use the app to make quick and secured UPI payments to any UPI ID, phone number, or bank account anytime.
  • With just a few clicks, have your free Demat account ready to start trading in the stock market. In addition, you can check live share price updates of NSE and BSE Sensex, along with stock analysis charts and indicators.
  • The login and onboarding are totally paperless, with several options to invest in popular mutual funds, IPOs, and stocks, in a few clicks. Do a lump sum of SIP direct mutual fund investment with zero commission charges. You can also switch from a regular investment plan to a direct mutual fund.
  • Groww mutual fund investment app makes mutual funds, stock investment, Futures & Options trading easy, quick, and secure with a simple sign-up process and KYC verification. In addition, you can make use of the app’s SIP calculator to get an estimate of your return on investments.
  • In a few clicks, you can start investing in mutual funds by choosing a SIP or lump sum plan and buying or selling shares to begin stock trading on the app. You can also invest easily in Futures Options and stock derivatives. Use the charts and stock screener, and get a live Nifty or NSE Option Chain price chart to analyze and trade better on the app.

App’s benefits

  • The app provides visually appealing line and candlestick charts to clearly show the share price movements, historical performance, and market indices to help in your technical analysis.
  • You just need to download the app, explore and choose from more than 5000 direct mutual fund plans and begin your investment journey with Systematic Investment Plans. You can also switch from regular funds to direct funds on Groww mutual fund app.
  • Share market trading is made accessible to you, where you can invest in Nifty and Sensex listed stocks with live share price movements, assisted with intraday trading. The demat account opening is also 100% paperless and online.
  • The app updates top gainers, losers, and market capitalization. Make the best out of the stock analysis along with financials like P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash flow to make an informed decision.
  • Know the live price movements of all the ISE shares and invest wisely in equity mutual funds such as small, large, mid, and multi-cap for long-term and higher returns.
  • The app ensures fast and secured UPI payments powered by BHIM UPI, helping you to instantly and safely transfer money, pay for your online or offline shopping, and manage your UPI account by creating a new UPI ID or syncing your existing one. Set a UPI PIN when linking your bank account to make the transactions seamless. Then, use the app to scan QR codes to make payments or self-transfer to your account with ease.
  • Enjoy easy personal from the app for a repayment tenure of 2 to 60 months for an APR of 12% to 24%. The bank’s registered NBFCs and banks include IDFC First Bank Ltd, Aditya Birla Finance Ltd, and Neobillion, owned by Billionbrains Garage Ventures Private Limited, and they offer their services through the app.

 HDFC MF online investors

App’s features

  • It is a quick, fitting and efficient investment platform that offers several categories of investment options like Debt, Equity, Liquid, ELSS, Hybrid, Gold, etc. Whether it is a one-time buy or a systematic investment plan (SIP), the app has made investing in mutual funds extremely smooth.
  • The app’s onboarding and login process is entirely paperless. In addition, to enhance your investment experience features like E-Cart, a single-view dashboard to track your investments, a UPI-based payment option, and One Time Mandate Registration.
  • Whether you are a beginner investor or an expert in mutual fund investing, HDFC MFOnline is the right platform for you. The many types of mutual funds and the various categories available are, Large cap, Multi cap, Flexi cap, Mid cap, Small cap, Tax Saving (ELSS), Liquid, Overnight, Hybrid, Debt, Gold, etc.
  • With these varied sets of available schemes, you can begin investing, aiming for asset allocation and building a well-diversified portfolio. Effortlessly buy, switch or redeem a SIP transaction through the app and also invest in NFOs (New Fund Offers) through the app.
  • In addition to generating a diversified portfolio, you will also get a conclusive understanding of your investment and its performance across folios in the single-view dashboard. Moreover, your registration can be quickly completed with a few clicks and a few minutes with the online Aadhaar-based KYC.

App’s benefits

  • The app login is straightforward and includes only a few simple steps that can be done once you set a 4-digit MPIN and authenticate it to start accessing your investments on the go. First, add your favourite, most frequent and most preferred mutual funds to the wish list in the favourite section on the app. Using this, you can quickly refer to or check the performance and invest or re-invest in a few clicks.
  • The app provides multiple secure payment options such as net banking, UPI payment, etc. Register for a Time Mandate for your investments to begin your journey with the app.
  • With the schedule transactions feature, which allows you to schedule the purchase, switch, or redeem transactions in advance at your convenience, you can efficiently manage your investments.
  • The app’s E-CART feature is best suited for a quick purchase and making a single payment for all the schemes you want to invest in. Use the instant redemption facility to place a redemption request in the Liquid scheme and get the amount credited instantly into your registered bank account.
  • The app’s SIP calculator will come in handy to estimate your monthly investment amount and target-based investments with the help of a mutual fund calculator online. To temporarily pause or stop your SIP for a few months, you can use the SIP pause option.
  • Use the app to raise service requests anytime, like a request for a change of bank details, contact updates, etc. The app strives to provide the best in class and an exciting mutual fund investment experience. The HDFC Mutual Fund Mobile App will act as a great support to investors picking direct as well as regular plans.

INDmoney: stocks, demat and MFs.

App’s features

  • INDmoney is an all-in-one app to invest, save, plan, manage, and track all your financial transactions. You can also invest in SIP in Stocks and ETFs by opening a free Demat and Trading account. In addition, at zero commission charges, you can invest in direct mutual fund plans.
  • Use the app to open fixed deposits, track multiple bank accounts like HDFC, Axis, ICICI, Kotak, etc., and your overall net worth all in the same place. Improve your financial knowledge using the detailed courses on the IND app. You can save daily by investing in FDs and also check your credit score for free.
  • You can open for free a demat and trading account at zero annual maintenance charges and manage all your stock market transactions on the app. Start a SIP in Indian stocks and ETFs and set up autopay using UPI, or switch from regular plans to direct mutual funds. Get in-depth insights into taxation, overall portfolio performance etc., and manage all transactions (STP, SIP, SWP) effortlessly.
  • The app provides live share prices from NSE and BSE for you to plan investments. Choose from large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap stocks and ETFs to invest in the one that suits you best or chooses from more than 5000 direct mutual fund plans at zero commission.
  • Start investing in the US stock market at no brokerage by opening a new account in a few minutes through a registered US stocks account broker like DriveWealth, Alpaca LLC, etc. Choose from more than 6000 US stocks like Netflix, Amazon, Apple, and 600+ US ETFs at Zero AMC or in factions with as low as $1. Get live price updates on the app for NYSE, Nasdaq, S & P500.
  • All your finances are compiled in a visually appealing single-view dashboard using which you can securely track investments, expenses, savings a/c balances, goals, insurance, credit cards and more. You can also track different mutual fund schemes and stocks across banks, brokers and financial apps.

App’s benefits

  • INsta Cash is a premium feature for whitelisted users that is available at an APR of 12% – 18% for a repayment tenure of 3 to 60 months. The loan is processed for a fee of 0.5%-3%, with penal charges of 24%-36% p.a, and bounce charges of Rs. 400-450 (excl. GST) on overdue amount.
  • The app’s lending partners are Kisetsu Saison Finance India Private Limited, IDFC FIRST Bank Limited, and Finzoomers Services Pvt Ltd (a subsidiary of Finzoom Investment Advisors), which offers its services through the app operated by Finzoom.
  • All your stored data are protected by high-security data policies and encrypted with OTP and biometric-based access to ensure secure, safe and quick transactions. 
  • In addition, the app is ISO 27001:2013 certified, adheres to the Google cloud security assessment policies, and is assessed by Google-authorized lab and CERT-In Empanelled auditors.

  myCAMS mutual funds app

App’s features

  • myCAMS is one of the most popular and sought-after investment platforms that brings you a host of features. Use the app to get a single view of your MF portfolio, open new folios, purchase, switch, redeem, set up SIP and much more. In addition, the app provides apt opportunities for faster, easier and smarter means to transact in mutual funds.
  • The act is the single gateway to different mutual funds schemes such as Aditya Birla Sunlife MF, HDFC MF, HSBC MF, ICICI Prudential MF, Bandhan MF, DSP MF, IIFL MF, PPFAS, SBI MF, Shriram MF, Kotak MF, Mahindra MF, Tata MF, Union MF, and WhiteOak Capital MF.
  • The app was awarded as the Best Financial App at GMASA for three for 2015, 2016, and 2017, Best use of Digital Platforms for Mutual Funds in 2017 at the Drivers of Digital Awards, and was the winner of Best Application of Technology at CX Strategy Summit and Awards in 2018.
  • The app is a secure and safe investment platform and does not store any information on your device or SIM card and offers easy means to invest and manage all your mutual fund plans.

App’s benefits

  • Through the app’s single gateway, you will not need any more multiple PINs and folio numbers; you can access all your mutual fund investments. Get a PAN-level view of your family’s portfolio on the myCAMS app.
  • myCAMS provides a simple and secure login by choosing a mobile PIN or pattern. Additionally, there is a two-factor authentication for improved security.
  • Even if you are a first-time investor, it is easy to open a new folio and update FATCA without any forms or cheques. In addition, you can directly buy NFO schemes from the app, opt for additional purchases, and redeem and switch instructions easily.
  • Another exciting feature is digiSIP which is thoughtfully designed to improve speed and ease the process of choosing new SIPs. In addition, you will have prefilled forms and flexible electronic payment options.
  • In addition, you can use net banking, existing common mandate and also register for a new mandate to start a new SIP. The app also allows you to include three schemes under the same Mutual Fund if you are opting for a lump sum buy by choosing a common mandate by skipping net banking.
  • The app’s redemption guide can help you pick investments with the most reasonable exit implications. Enjoy a single view of your systematic investments by tracking multiple SIP/STP/SWP in the same place.
  • Save your most preferred and favourite transactions, view the most-visited ones on the main menu and adjust the transaction amount as desired using the app’s myFavourites section.
  • In the myWatchList section, you can easily monitor your investments by just adding the schemes you want to track and track their performance on the go. And use the scheduled transaction feature to set up your future mutual fund transactions.
  • View the LTCG on equity-oriented schemes in the consolidated realized gain statement and also a one-view of all your equity investments with NAV and valuation.
  • The app also gives a single view of your ELSS investments as a customized statement. Use the app’s CAMServ chatbot to chat and request mutual fund services, check the status of transactions and get statements.

 Paytm money: MF, Stocks and IPO

App’s features

  • The app is one of the most sought-after platforms for your investment needs and wealth management plans. Paytm money has more than twelve million investors to make your investment journey easy and seamless.
  • The app is designed as a one-stop investment and wealth management app offering choices from varied categories under stocks, futures and options, mutual funds, IPOs, NPS and many more. All these services are available on the app at the lowest brokerage charges.
  • The app prioritizes giving a satisfying investment experience to its users by providing a paperless account opening and digitalized KYC process. In addition, the app is one of the brokerage platforms in India that offers “Pre-Open IPO Applications” that allow you to place an IPO order any time throughout the day.
  • The app brings all your mutual fund investments to your fingertips by giving 1% higher returns, investing in over forty-five AMCs, or starting a SIP for even Rs. 100.

App’s benefits

  • Using the app as the platform, your stock market investment journey is made easier and faster. In addition, you will get detailed financial and historical price data for all the listed companies.
  • Explore and try your hands on advanced investment options like Cover Order & Bracket Order, and align your investments to the benchmark of Nifty and Sensex and also more significant indices like Nifty 100 and Nifty 500. Enable price alerts on the app to get notifications when a stock or index has hit your targeted price.
  • Use the app to access diverse types of ETFs across equity, debt, and gold categories to gain exposure to all the top ones in the market and prominent sectors at a nominal amount.
  • The app’s voice trading feature was one of the first tools to sync with the latest technology and offer this feature. The feature allows you to check the price details of more than 5200 listed companies with just a mic tap and invest better in stocks, futures and options.
  • Use the GTT Buy & Sell Order Feature to save instructions to place buy or sell orders for a validity of 1 year. And with the Pops Messenger feature, you will get timely updates on the overall market, your comprehensive portfolio, and a fundamental understanding of how financial markets function.
  • WealthBaskets is an exciting benefit of the app that allows you to quickly build a short-term or a long-term portfolio. You need not worry about fluctuating market conditions or tracking stocks as these carefully curated baskets carry the essential research of the company fundamentals and market conditions. Another tax-saving benefit of the app is the easy way to invest in NPS and secure your future.
  • You can also join the app’s exclusive communities for live discussions and strategy analysis and access educational resources like Paytm Wealth Academy.

SBI mutual fund: InvesTap

App’s features

  • The app is the best place to begin your investment journey and is a safe and secure platform. Start investing instantly in mutual funds with just your PAN card. For all your investment options, you can invest in mutual funds through net banking or UPI accounts and one-time mandates.
  • Use the app to get a holistic view of your mutual fund investments and begin your new SIP in just seven days. You do not have to maintain or remember many passwords; at the time of login, set a six-digit MPIN or just request an OTP.
  • InvesTap provides quick and easy access to your investments. Among many reasons why the app is a good choice for your mutual fund investments, it is the straightforward login and varied investment choices that the app offers, which is the prime highlight.
  • After a single online registration, you can start the SIP investments as early as seven days from the date of initiation. Enjoy an interactive app product page that provides detailed information about each available mutual fund scheme. The NAV graph can help you monitor the NAV and track the returns for each scheme over the past five years.

Scripbox: mutual fund and SIP

App’s features

  • Scripbox has been one of the most trusted online wealth management and mutual fund investment app in India since 2012. The app has an asset value of over 5000 crores and has assisted more than 8000 users in growing their wealth.
  • The app offers options under various categories, such as mutual fund investments, US stock investments, SIPs, portfolio management, etc.
  • The app was recognized as the ‘Best Fin-tech – Best Banks Award’ by the Financial Express and as the ‘second most influential financial services brand worldwide’ by LinkedIn. The app adopts the latest technology and accurately researched data to provide the best wealth management platform.
  • Use the app you invest in mutual funds, SIP, and to buy stocks, and assist you in tracking your comprehensive financial portfolio by uniting all your investments from various platforms.
  • Investments, be it mutual funds, SIPs, or US stocks, are simplified and automated with just a few clicks on the app. Use the app’s curated portfolio for your goal-based investing and benefit from the proprietary algorithm, which leverages the power of digital science and the collective investing experience of the app’s team.

App’s benefits

  • The app’s goal-based investing plans include retiring without any worries, emergency funds, a tax saver, child education expenses, and a dream investment planner. In addition, you can transact and monitor your Indian stock investments through the app’s dashboard by linking your Zerodha account.
  • Use the app’s Stockal tool to buy US stocks, the investment tracker to upload the mutual fund CAS & NSDL CAS, and add your FD and real estate investments to effortlessly monitor your portfolio online with Scripbox.
  • Scripbox Annual ReviewTM is an algorithm that will track your goal’s progress by studying the previous year’s mutual fund performance and proposing new funds if needed. In addition to portfolio tracking, the app gives timely alerts for all critical wealth events and multi-dimensional wealth analysis.
  • And the app’s ScanTM is a tool that will spot the non-performing or underperforming funds and, if necessary, will declutter your portfolio. In addition, it provides portfolio management and realigning by fund recommendations to make sure you invest in suitable funds.
  • It is always wise to have an exit plan while investing, and Scripbox’s ‘Smart Withdraw’ feature will track the impact of capital gains on your taxes and propose an optimized tax exit plan.
  • The app’s benefits are a paperless KYC process, zero fees and transaction charges, a simple investing procedure, quick and secure payment methods with UPI or net banking, and flexible SIP investments that you can pause or stop anytime.
  • By investing in an ELSS plan, you will save tax and also grow your money. The app’s accurate dashboards help you find and analyze all aspects of your investment plan in one place.
  • Use the app’s calculators like Mutual Fund Calculator, SIP Calculator, ELSS Calculator, Income Tax Calculator, Retirement Planner Calculator, and other Smart Personal Finance Calculators. In addition, the app’s Financial Health Calculator provides your score and recommendations that you can use to improve.


Mutual fund apps have made investments more convenient than before, where you can buy or sell mutual funds at any time at the click of a button. In addition, mutual fund investments are more personalized now, with the best investment options just a click away. Whether you wish to invest in an upcoming IPO, or track the live share market, you can do this and more with a mutual fund app.

The live share market updates can help you find opportunities to trade faster and easier on the app. Whether to open a new demat account or invest in mutual funds, apps make your work easier and your decisions better, helping you to seize opportunities at the right time, like buying rising stocks.

The mutual fund apps bring the mutual fund investment chance to your fingertips with a wide range of plans and schemes for you to choose from. Regardless of if you are a naïve or an expert investor, the mutual fund apps provide a secure platform for you to plan and track your investment portfolio. Additionally, these apps also help you to diversify and make well-informed choices according to your goal and budget. Most mutual fund apps are available for free download in the app stores, offering a simple onboarding process and simpler investment planning.