Bjorn’s HTML-mailer Google Workspace Addon

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Use Google Docs as a powerful HTML email editor and mailer.

Use Google Docs to write and send rich format HTML emails….

You might know that you can, from within Google Docs, email a doc as a HTML attachment but you cannot use Docs as a pure HTML email composer, until now of course 🙂

Google Docs is a pretty nice editing tool with tons of useful add-ons, so why not use it when you need a more formatted email?

“Bjorn’s HTML-mailer” is a new add-on that sends the HTML version of the doc as a HTML email. Use it to compose rich HTML emails or to send people drafts of pieces you are working on.

The add-on supports “variables” such as [[Date]] for the current date and [[UserName]] as your name, use these to create reusable email templates.

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