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Run email verification directly in Google Sheets

You want to give your best first impression when reaching out to new leads via email, as this ensures you build strong relationships from the very start. To do this, you need your email list verified without sending emails.

You want this done quickly so that you can spend your time focusing on the things that matter — conversations with your clients. To prevent your emails from bouncing, we have the right tool for you.

Email Verification is an online validity checker that can directly validate email addresses in your Google Sheet. Simply install the add-on and get contacts verified. The best part – the add-on is smart and efficient and can scan new contacts without an export/import process.


The add-on helps clean the email list and speed-up business through:

1. Providing a real-time lookup directly in Google Sheets to check up to 230,000 records.

2. Highlighting deliverable, non-deliverable and deliverable but in a «catch-all» mode.


Our tool offers two validation approaches:

1. Individual Verification
If your email list consists of up to 200 rows of data, the verification of each one of them can individually be done in the adjacent column. This quick verification can be completed within 6 minutes.

2. Batch Verification
For files containing up to 230,000 email addresses, get them bulk validated at once through the batch verification feature. Our system verifies your data in the background and provides you with a result within 30 minutes.

This is guaranteed the optimal way to clean up a bulk list you’ve accumulated through lead generation or any other ways. It ensures a high quality of your leads remain as the instrument helps to highlight non-deliverable ones. Through this solution, you get to save time and money by integrating this upgrade into your business. With the add-on installed, sending non-bounced emails to your leads have now become more streamlined and accurate.


A free account provides you with 50 free verification credits and an additional 200 credits using a coupon code after registration. All it takes is an installation of the email validator.


For online batch verification of more than 250 items, purchase credits based on our various pricing options available:

– 500 verifications for $10
– 2,000 verifications for $29
– 10,000 verifications for $99
– 25,000 verifications for $169
– 100,000 verifications for $479
– 500,000 verifications for $1799

The purchase requires a one-time payment and there is no expiration date for the purchased credits.


With this detailed guide, you’ll realize the benefits and availability of using the solution through a few simple steps:

– Install the add-on.
– Once the installation is complete, it should appear in the Add-ons section in your Google Sheet.
– Launch the add-on by clicking Email Verification, then Start.
– A sidebar appears. From here, click on «create data headers» under the «How to use» paragraph.
– Paste your contacts into the column labeled «Email».
– Next, click on «start verification» in the sidebar.
– Within a few minutes, the dataset is verified with a corresponding status in the column labeled «Status».


The add-on is your alternative research companion to Hunter, Zerobounce, NeverBounce, Kickbox, VoilaNorbert and other apps.


# How do I interpret the corresponding statuses from this free verifier?

One of the four status labels will appear when your contact has been validated:
– «Deliverable» — you can reach out to the contact safely.
– «Deliverable (catch-all server)» — there is a risk that if you proceed with sending to contacts with this status, the email could wind up under the spam folder. This is because the email server receives emails sent to any address under that domain.
– «The mail server doesn’t respond» — the target mail server either does not respond or takes too long to respond. It is advisable to validate it again later.
– «Not deliverable» — the address doesn’t exist.

# How safe is the service?

Security is our number one priority, and for that reason, we do not collect (or share) data from your verification lookups on our servers. Your data is safe as we do not have a database to store the data at.

# What is the status I should see so that my emails do not bounce?

The «deliverable» status label is the only indicator required to ensure that.

# If I do not use the credit quota I have purchased, will I be refunded the remaining amount?

Purchased credits are non-refundable. You will have access to them permanently and you can return at a later time to the product.

# It’s not working. What can I do?

If there are not enough credits, simply click on the «Buy Credits» button, and select how many you need from our pricing options. Once the credits have been topped-up, you should be able to run the add-on immediately.

If after purchasing you still encounter issues, then go to the «Contact us» page Our team will be happy to help with your queries.

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