Sheets Genie Google Workspace Addon

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Automate tasks with Sheets Genie.

Sheets Genie lets you create step by steps systems you can automate to collect, organize, and process your data however you want.

For example, you can instruct Sheets Genie to make a copy of one of your sheets, and exclude specified data in the new copy, so that you retain only the data you want. See this quick YouTube video demonstrating this in action:

This is only one example of what Sheets Genie can do.

See the power of Sheets Genie for yourself in 2 minutes:

1. Install the Sheets Genie Google Sheets Add On

2. Open up a Google Sheets spreadsheet

3. From the menu, do Extensions > Sheets Genie > Templates > Data Sniper Template

4. Run the tasks in the Data Sniper Template to see how Sheets Genie helps you create step by step systems to automate collecting, organizing, and processing your data

For more information about task capabilities, visit