Specialist Schools and Academies Trust

Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, with its 3653 secondary schools, 457 special schools and 600 primary schools, is playing an extremely important role in helping to achieve a networked nation.

Through its national community conference, for which Martha delivered a keynote speech, the SSAT has encouraged secondary, primary and special schools that are SSAT members to recruit digital champions among their staff, students and parents to support family, friends and the wider community to take their first steps online. The SSAT has also, through its communications to schools, encouraged members to engage with Race Online 2012.

Future plans include encouraging member schools to include IT taster sessions in all their intergenerational, family and community learning programs. SSAT has also sent communications to schools encouraging them to adopt a local care home, to help support older residents to enable them to stay in touch with their families and friends through the internet.


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