TableTorch Google Workspace Addon

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Linear and logistic regressions with advanced options, correlation matrices, data sampling and scaling functions within a single add-on package for Google Sheets™.

Gaujasoft TableTorch is an add-on for Google Sheets™ that allows you to perform machine learning operations such as linear and logistic regressions with k-fold cross-validation and other advanced options, as well as to compute a correlation matrix, to collect a train-test validation split, and to automatically scale the numeric data with one or a few scaling methods, e.g. standard scaling and percentile rank scaling.

TableTorch uses the data from your spreadsheet only to perform the computations that you request, i.e. it does not transfer nor store the data. It requires the permission to connect to an external service so that it is possible to check your subscription plan and collect the anonymized statistics regarding the popularity of its functions as is described in better detail in our Privacy Policy.

TableTorch is currently provided free of charge.
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