Top 10 Best Evernote Alternatives

The human mind is very powerful, and memory is a very intricate, but mighty creation. Even so, just like every other creation, there is, it too has its fair amount of glitches. You can only wish to have a picture perfect memory, one that would not let even a tiny detail slip or distort itself, but you are seldom blessed with it. It is quite rational in such circumstances, for one to turn to note making, which, in today’s world has become a part and parcel of most people’s basic needs. Since more than three-fourths of the world’s population owns some kind of a mobile phone or tablet, it has become quintessential that app developers come up with a note-taking app. Well, there are apps for everything, nowadays, so why not have a note maker too?


This is where Evernote swoops in to save the day, or so you think. Evernote undoubtedly is one of the very best apps there is, for note-taking. It has every possible innovative feature a note making app can have and its growing popularity just makes it more and more impossible for users to readily accept any other note making an app in the market.

You could not be more incorrect! It is human nature to turn a blind eye towards other available options and go with the tidal flow of the majority crowd, but that just curbs you from experiencing other similar, maybe even better opportunities and platforms. This in no way means that you are being solicited to dump Evernote.

All of us know that it is popular and loved for a reason. It sure captures the limelight in the note making app runway, but, do re-assess the opportunities you have here. So, do yourselves a tiny favor and try out these amazing alternatives to Evernote. Who knows, maybe you will start taking a liking to one of them.



So here goes, the 10 best alternatives to Evernote:




Just like its name suggests, Simplenote is one simple, easy to use app that you will find. It will most assuredly fulfill all your Note making needs and much like Evernote offers quite amazing features that you will love. It offers a lot of storage space and you can search using keywords to find any of your notes. The only tiny glitch this app has is that it can take down only text notes. Then again, most users prefer typing down their notes and hence does not put this app at that much of a disadvantage. It is available free on Android, iOS, and web. Its history track and ability to undo deletions goes a long way in helping users undo accidental deletions or editing, making this app quite reliable in terms of data storage.


2.Google Keep

google keep

Most of us love those tiny sticky-notes that come in all kinds of peppy colors. This app is themed to look like simple sticky-notes also does quite a ton of cool stuff. If you want to back up your data, you even have an option of transferring information to Google Docs to edit later on. This app’s best feature though is that it not just converts speech to text and keeps them as notes, but it also keeps those recorded audios for later reference. You can even tag your notes by color and set reminders. This app, too, is available on Android, iOS and web, and is free of cost.


3.Microsoft OneNote

microsoft onenote

This app is considered widely to be the other note taking an app that has given Evernote much competition. It is definitely considered to rank second to Evernote in close proximity. You can put in notes in the form of text, pictures, links and also convert emails and web pages into notes. It is compatible with the Microsoft Office Suite and even works much like a travel planner or checklist. Something cool about this app? You can also add music in the app by copy-pasting its web URLs. It is available for free online, to use its basic features on Android, iOS, web, and windows.

4.Google Docs

Google Docs

Many of you may be familiar with Google Docs, but guess what? This app, apart from all the other wonderful things it does, can also act as a note taker. It does support notes only in the form of text, but it allows you to save your notes in Google Drive too. You can even create presentations and spreadsheets, apart from textual files. An added benefit of this app is that it allows the user to interact with other users in real time on the same note or presentation. This app is available free of cost on all platforms, such as Android, iOS, and web.



This app is a very clean and orderly themed one, wherein you can stack your notes in a very organized and professional manner. It is only available on Apple’s iOS platform and hence, does hold some similarity to Apple Notes. This app allows you to cross-link your notes and also enables tagging facilities which helps you to organize your notes more systematically. It is available for free wherein you can use all its core features, but a monthly subscription of $1.49 will enable you to gain access to export formats such as pdf, HTML, docx etc.




Besides all features that a regular note making app offers, Quip stands to offer so much more. It’s not just lets you make notes but also lets you create spreadsheets and more importantly allows multiple users to work on the same document at the same time. is vaguely similar to Google Docs, but its team chat option, with which you can clarify your questions with the other users, is an added extra in the app. It is available free for use by one person but costs $30 per month for the Team Plan option, enabling 5 members to create unlimited documents.



Unlike other note-taking apps, this app innovates the process of note making into jotting down thoughts and reminders into bullet lists. Bullet lists are very easy to work with as they provide a list of your notes in the minimal amount of time. It enables the creation of hierarchies while making notes, making the entire process of note making more organized and highly simplified. This app is a very novel way of note making and is available free of cost for download on Android, iOS, windows, and web, but does charge for an upgraded version starting from $5 onwards.


8.Zoho Notebook
Zoho Notebook

One thing to like about this note making an app is its aesthetic beauty. It surely is very easy in the eye and lets you customize the themes in which you want your notes to be in. It has rich features such as text notes, voice notes, picture notes, or handwritten notes for mobile phones with styluses. Even if you accidentally lose something, the back up of your work available on Cloud storage enables you to go back and forth between your edited versions, in essence, making sure that you losing nothing at all. Another quirk of this app is that its completely free with no upgrades or premium payments needed.


9.Apple Notes

Apple Notes

Exclusive to Apple’s iOS and Mac platforms, Apple Notes is a very endearing but professional note making an app, whose cloud storage feature and ability to sync across all Apple/iOS devices, makes it partial to Apple users. You can even lock your notes with either Touch ID or Password. It has enhanced text tools with which you can make notes, lists and more. If you use an iOS 9 device, then you can experiment with various colorful tools that help make your notes more interesting, whilst still keeping it organized and professional.




It is much like Evernote but is developed to suit LINUX based platforms, where Evernote does not work. It is an open source initiative which is usually used by users who prefer to use open source applications. Though it is similar to Evernote, it is not backed up or supported by Evernote at all. Nevernote is available on Mac, Linux, and Windows.

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