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Store Locator Map 📍 Google Workspace Addon

Create a beautiful shop map from sheets. Add locations in map instantly by geo mapping address from Google sheet.

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Lead Beagle 💙💛 Google Workspace Addon

Ultimate lead generation toolkit for Google Sheets. LinkedIn profiles bulk search, email finder, email validator, company URL finder. No LinkedIn account needed.

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8AM Google Workspace Addon

8am is a contact management (CRM) tool with calendars, tasks, events, team discussions and more… Get more done from 8am!

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🤖 Postamatic Google Workspace Addon

Use the multilingual Postamatic to build your Google My Business Posts, Q + As, and manage GMB Reviews via the Google My Business API. Post Scheduling for the future and UTM Tagging are baked in.

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🐝 Honeybee™ Email Automations Google Workspace Addon

🐝Honeybee™ enables you to create automated sequences (with up to 5 emails from your Gmail drafts) on a schedule you determine.

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GDHero Google Workspace Addon

Take control of Shared Externally on Google Drive. Be aware of who has access to your files using personal email accounts.

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Contact Form Google Workspace Addon

Contact form is contact form that do not needs a website or email address.
Receive messages directly into your Google Sheets™ !
That’s simple

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Docx2LaTeX Google Workspace Addon

Research writing for Google Docs.
Export to 100% journal compliant LaTeX code. Add cross-references, citations, and math equations.

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Choice Limiter Google Workspace Addon

Choice Limiter allows you to limit how often specific options to multiple choice questions can be selected.

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Shared Contacts for Google Drive™ Google Workspace Addon

Never give access to your documents or Drive™ folders to the wrong people: Know who is in any Google group, or see and update contact details of any document collaborator. Share Google Contacts.